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YCUA's mission is a dedication to providing top quality, cost effective, and environmentally safe water and wastewater services to our customers. As part of that commitment, this webpage is intended as a resource for information on water quality issues emerging in our community today. Please bookmark and refer back to this page as more information becomes available.


Exposure to lead can cause behavior problems and learning disabilities in young children and can also affect the health of adults.The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits lead levels in your drinking water. YCUA's water quality continues to meet the requirements of Michigan's revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), the most stringent in the nation. In 2019, YCUA's Water System Advisory Council (WSAC) was formed to advise and assist with the creation of materials and outreach plans to educate our community about lead in drinking water and inform owners whose service lines may need replacement.

Michigan's 2018 Lead and Copper Rule (LCR)

Michigan s 2018 Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) requires communities to locate and prioritize pipes for removal. It also decreases the action limit for lead in drinking water. Per the new LCR, YCUA must verify its inventory results by 2025. Once the service line material is verified, a letter will be mailed to resident occupants informing them of the results and if their service line meets the criteria for replacement.

The LCR requires water systems to begin replacements in 2021 and continue to replace lines at a rate of 5% per year. If your line does meet criteria for replacement, YCUA will notify you during the year you are scheduled for replacement.

Sources of Lead and Minimizing Risks

High levels of lead and copper are not present in the groundwater or in the Detroit River water that serve as our drinking water sources. The primary sources of lead in tap water are pipes and fixtures in individual homes where water can leach lead from the plumbing fixtures.

Sources of Lead in Drinking Water
Image Source: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Basic Information About Lead In Drinking Water

To minimize the risks of exposure to lead:
Materials Used in Service Lines
Image Source: Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)


YCUA is pleased to report that its results for the new Lead and Copper Rule Compliance are under the state action level. All communities with lead service lines must sample tap water in homes as required by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the summer of 2019, the Authority sampled 30 homes with lead service lines and reports that its 90th percentile was under the action level.

Lead Service Lines & Inventory

YCUA has made it a standard practice to replace all non-copper water service piping as part of all water main projects. The Authority is in the process of completing a materials inventory of the public and privately owned portions of water service lines. YCUA has historical data on the publicly owned portion and is now in the process of gathering data on the privately owned portion of the service lines. Data on service line material will be collected as part of our "Get the Lead Out" program, focused on finding and replacing any remaining lead service lines beginning in 2021.

Monitoring for Lead and Copper

YCUA monitors for lead and copper and publishes those results in our Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Quality Report.

If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. For a list of licensed labs in Michigan that can analyze your water for lead and copper, see Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's listing of Laboratories Certified for Lead and Copper Testing.

Additional Lead and Copper Resources and Contacts

YCUA Water System Advisory Council (WSAC)

The focus of the YCUA Water System Advisory Council (WSAC) includes:


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