2024 Residential Cross Connections Survey Locations

2024 Residential Cross Connection Survey Locations - By Month 

  • June: Collegewood Area - Collegewood, Bellevue, Kewanee, Witmire, Courtland, N Mansfield (north of Washtenaw), Kingwood, Cambridge, Oxford, Fairview, Circle, Oakwood Ct, Roosevelt, Whittier, and Washtenaw (north side/between Bellevue & Oakwood).
  • July: Normal Park Area - N Mansfield (between S Congress & Washtenaw), Owendale, N Wallace, Anna, Oakwood, (south of Washtenaw), Hiawatha, Elm, N Summit (between Congress & Washtenaw), Washtenaw (south side/between N Mansfield & N Summit), West Cross (between N Mansfield & Washtenaw), Westmoorland, Sherman, Grant, Pearl, N Congress, and Sheridan.
  • August: Northlawn Area - Northlawn, Southlawn, Eastlawn, Dupont, Rice, Bergen, Dexter, Eastman, Boston, Westlawn, Brookside, Maulbetsch, Stratford, Fairfield, N Hewitt (between Packard & Washtenaw), Washtenaw (between N Hewitt & Golfside), Packard (between N Hewitt & Golfside), and Golfside (east side/between Packard & Washtenaw)
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