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Q. Why does our tap water look cloudy?

A. There are many reasons for this. If there is a water main break or a fire hydrant is opened in the general area, this can speed up the flow of water through the water mains. This may pick up naturally occurring minerals laying in the bottom of larger mains. This cloudiness usually has a brownish look to it. It usually takes several hours for this condition to go away and then the homeowner will have to clear the lines.

Another type of cloudiness looks very milky. This condition occurs mostly during the winter months. The water coming in is very cold, then gets heated in the pipes of your home. When water is heated it tries to expand and gives off oxygen. When the faucet is turned on, the oxygen comes out of the water, turning it opaque because there are so many bubbles. To observe this phenomenon, place a glass on the counter and wait a few moments. The bubbles will rise and the water will clear.

Q. How much fluoride is in our water?

A. Fluoride naturally occurs in both ground water and, to some extent, in surface waters in this area. We receive our water from Detroit's water treatment plants, where fluoride is added in their treatment process to raise that level to approximately 1.0 mg/l. This is the recommended amount for fighting tooth decay.

Q. Who is authorized to use water from a fire hydrant?

A. Only the fire department and YCUA are authorized for hydrant use. Please report any unauthorized fire hydrant use to your local law enforcement agency.

Q. Why do I have low water pressure in one area of my house?

A. This is common in older homes. Try removing the aerator from the troubled faucet and clean the screen or simply replace it with a new one.

Q. My water bill was very high this month. Why?

A. The first thing to do is check for leaks. If the toilet is running, sometimes you can hear it. Lift the top off the toilet tank and see if the level of the water is adequate. This level should be about one inch below the overflow tube. Also check the seal flap. This flap lifts up when the toilet is flushed. Add about four drops of food coloring to the tank when it is full and then wait ten minutes. If the food coloring has entered toilet bowl, then the seal flap is bad and needs to be replaced. These two leaks are the most common.


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