How To Help Protect Your Water Pipes Against Freezing

Opening under-sink cabinet doors located against outside walls can help keep water pipes from freezing.

Freezing temperatures can put the water pipes in your home at risk. Severe winter weather can cause your pipes to freeze and even possibly burst. These tips can help you safeguard your water pipes against freezing:

  • Keep a faucet open slightly and dripping.
  • If a sink is against an outside wall, open the under-sink cabinet doors to allow the circulation of warm air from inside the home.
  • Locate the main water supply and water heater valves in case you need to access them quickly in an emergency.
  • Wind drafts during severe cold can increase the chance of pipes freezing. Near exterior walls, windows, and in crawl spaces, seal drafts and wrap pipes with insulation or heating tape.
  • Learn the location of your water meter and take the above precautions to keep it from freezing, especially if your meter is located in unheated basement or crawl space.
  • Consider keeping your basement heated and installing window weather stripping.
  • Shut off water supply valves if you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time.

In the event that you experience a burst pipe in your home and your main shut off is not working properly or you have trouble locating or closing it, please call YCUA at 734-484-4600.